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Water Saving

Never put water down the drain when there may be another use for it such as watering a plant or garden,or cleaning.

Never install a water-to-air heat pump or air-conditioning system. Air-to-air models are just as efficient and do not waste water.
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Have you Grown a Tree

We human, consumes every thing from the nature and what is given back? Till date how many trees have we planted?

At-least one big tree is consumed in some or other way by a single person in his life time.

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Follow Traffic Rules

Always use the Zebra crossing.

Keep your vehicle under control.

Do not use cell phone while driving on the road.

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Power Saving

Get into the habit of turning your lights off when you leave a room – even if you’ll only be gone a few minutes.

For every hour a day you keep a 100-watt standard bulb turned off, you’ll save $3 a year. The more lights you turn off, the more you’ll save.
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Food Poverty

First, it affects food affordability through the choice and quantity of food than can be bought and the share of the household budget that is allocated to food.

Second, it impacts on access to food through the retail options available and the capacity to shop in terms of transport and physical ability. The availability of storage and cooking facilities is a further constraint on what foods can be accesse.
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Air Pollution

Switch to biofuel.

Make sure your home has lots of fresh air.

Never let a car or any gas engine idle in a garage or carport.
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